Lpg injector vialle

Worldwide technological market leader in the field of liquefied petroleum gas systems. Find great deals on for LPG Injector in Fuel Injectors. Using this new technology, the LPG is no longer vaporized but is injected into.

I made the pictured device and applied pressure to the injector seat upto 17bar,. Introduction – Liquid Propane Injection (LPi). SKU: KVIA-INJ-V15-PURPLE Categories: LPG Parts, Injectors. LPG injectors to be mounte made the entire .

Vialle lpg specialisten die dit zelf doen. Injectors and accessories: Spare parts, other, VIALLE injector pin. The petrol injectors are interrupted and these wires (per injector) are fed into the TEC.

The injector opening times are controlled by the autogas control unit. Used in good working condition. Ford LPG problems – Bolton – The Common Rail Diesel, LPG and GDI Specialists. ECU gebruikt dat vervolgens wordt vertaald voor de autogas-injector. After checking the whole system, I came to the conclusion that in the damaged locking emulator petrol injectors during the transition to LPG.

Romano HD LPG Injector, To Suit Romano Gas Injection High Flow.

High pressure filter for LPG – DISH, NL, DE. The LPi system works in much the same way as the gasoline system, liquid fuel is circulated and presented to the injectors. Ik kreeg door dat een injector € 9ex BTW.

LPG in de verbrandingsruimte blijft lekken. Als er dan luchtbelletjes verschijnen zal de injector lek zijn. The liquid autogas is led through pipes to the injectors mounted on the intake side of the engine providing an adequate.

General layout of “Vialle” LPI system 1. Liquid Pump Installed into LPG fuel Container Engine Cylinder 8. We supply LPG conversion kits, regulators, parts and tanks including our exclusive Composite Cylinders.

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