Hapi drum

HAPI Drum-Ideal for playing percussive beats. Special edition custom painted and tuned to the Akebono scale in the. Ideal for the musician that wants to change scales for different compositions, or.

Our HAPI Steel Tongue Drums are ideal for jamming and playing percussive beats. Anyone who wants an easy to play intuitive . Visit our official HAPI drum website here. This demo shows some of the basic ways of playing as well as some more advanced techniques that can be used to play the HAPI drum, including percussive .

The grooves vary in size – the smaller the . Recommended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. The HAPI Mini is our highest voiced drum, great for rhythmic melodies. The new HAPI Slim weighs in at only 7lbs.

Plus de gammes dans un seul HAPI! The meditative tones – similar to hang drum, relaxes, stimulates and helps find inner peace. HAPI Origin Tuneable Drum, – Over different scales possible in one drum!

A portable and easy to carry drum. HAPI has come to understand many unique attributes from their experience in making tongue .

The individual tones swing after . Mon préféré de chez Hapi, léger et une longueur de note magnifique. Hypnotique le son du Hapi-drum slim est vraiment vaporeux et enveloppant. Best selling musical instrument of its kind.

Al spelende ontdek je intuïtief de mogelijkheden.

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