Cafe racer tank maken

This is the place to learn, to be inspired and to enjoy Café Racers. The specialized style of the gas tank is one of the hallmarks of the café racer, and. Draw the area where you wish to make indentations on each side of the tank .

Honda CB650SC Nighthawk Cafe Racer conversion. An important step is to make sure the surface to which the puller will be . Two nice guys, Cb5cafe racer and Cx5cafe racer. Explore Cafe Racer Tank, Motorcycle Tank, and more!

And the good news is riders can make their own at home. Here we discuss the cafe racer tank ideas to incorporate in your cafe racer project. Make sure the bike you select is not just any other hammer out there. Easy way to make your knee inserts in your gas tank.

Cafe racer tank ideas for your project Click Here! This will make it look almost like the tank and the seat were once a . Ansich geeft het fimpje je een goede indruk van hoe je knie deuken moet maken in je cafe racer tank, maar we zetten alles alvast op een rij. PLEASE NOTE: One-off jobs like this Domme Racer Tank and Seat (pictured above) are very time consuming.

Legendary Motorcycles Dunstall Cafe Racer Fuel Tank.

Adapting some of these café racer parts to fit any bike is not out of the. The next phase of the build included the fabrication of new fuel tank mounts for. The United Kingdom—the birthplace of the café racer culture. High quality – made in the UK – NOT cheap imports!

In our on-line catalog you will find fairings, tails, seats, fenders and gas tanks for just about any make of bike.

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