Bow shackle

Material: High Tensile Carbon Steel, Quenched and tempere Grade 6. This shackle is made from grade 3stainless steel for maximum . Grainger provides shackle styles with working load limits from hundreds to.

Get free shipping on all orders to any West Marine Store near you today. HR bow shackle forged in grade 17. Ph stainless steel High working and breaking loads Designed to support high loads. RR-C-271D Type IVA, Grade A, Class 2.

Supplied with head-bolt with nut and . Ton bow shackle ( screw pin ) Pin Diameter 19. Shackle, bow shackles, crosby shackles, screw pin shackles in stock next day delivery. Shop blue hawk bow shackle in the marine hardware section of Lowes.

Buy Bow shackle products in Würth online shop ▷ Convince yourself of the quality and variety of our products! Note: Shackles and bolts may vary in colour. Paint may cause the thread to be stiff. Shallow bow shackles are proportionally wider for their length than regular bow shackles.

Bow Shackles Stainless Steel from Defender.

Anchor, Bow or Wide body shackles (H Hand Hshackles) are used on one leg and multi-leg systems. Locking stainless steel bow shackle from Wichard of France. Crosby Anchor Shackles (Bow and D) – Crosby Shackles are Regarded in Industry as an Exceptionally Well Made, Quality Product.

Bolt type anchor shackles with thin head bolt-nut with cotter pin. Meets the requirements of Federal Specification. Our range includes but is not limited to Bow shackles, Dee shackles, . Black Pin bow shackle with E-Type safety pin.