Autoclave tape

Autoclave tape works by changing color . Stripes on the tape will turn black after exposure to steam sterilization . This tape is for use in autoclave, dry heat or chemical sterilizers and will seal autoclave bags, tubing, pouches and CSR wraps.

The industry standard for exposure monitoring is now lead free—eliminating the hassles and expenses of managing and disposing of potentially hazardous . Buy and find information on Select autoclave tape from Sigma-Aldrich. The tape will indicate when sterile . Sterilization Indicator Strips: Multiparameter, chemical indicator strips designed to monitor exposure to steam or EO sterilization.

Sterilizing indicator tape with dark brown indicator strips that appear after process is completed . Intended Use: Steam autoclave tapes are manufactured for closing packages of items . Seal sterilization packs or wraps with this adhesive tape. Visually indicates that pack has been exposed to the steam sterilization cycle. Buy STEAM AUTOCLAVE TAPE online at low price in India on Amazon. Check out STEAM AUTOCLAVE TAPE reviews, ratings, specifications . The easily recognisable stripes change colour when . The white indicator line changes colour, first to dark brown and then to black, under the critical parameters for steam sterilisation . The process indicator ink shows an easy and accurate color change and .

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Also, having the tape change color because . Indicator tape provides immediate identification of processed items and can also be used to seal sterilization tubing and wraps.