Optical sorter

LIMAS has, for many years, worked in . TOMRA Sorting offers the widest range of optical sorting machines available in the food industry today. Strategic partnership between global sorting experts combines the best of bottle and flake sorting technologies across Europe and North America Further .

The optical sorting systems by MSS . All you need for the recycling industry in one place. Garbage sorting machine with NIR technology in USA. Optical sorting for woo metal and plastics.

For over years, MSS optical sorting systems have increased system efficiency, recovered the highest quality products, and cut manual labor costs while . Ultimate: high resolution TRICHROMATIC FULL COLOR RGB sorter with. Unique: with airtight, conditioned and tilting optical boxes for their easy opening . For more than twenty years, Newtec has developed and produced optical sorting machines for potatoes and carrots. Our Celox optical sorting machines are . Tong is proud to be the sole UK distributor of Switzerland-based Visar, bringing the very latest technology in advanced optical sorting to UK growers and packers . This enables us to use the the individual features of . Pellenc ST, worldwide leader in optical sorting solutions for . Setting the standard for spee accuracy, and reliability in optical sorting.

Today, TOMRA Sorting Recycling (formerly TITECH) is . CCM produces optical sorters, sorting machines, we offer different kinds of sorting equipment and optical inspection equipment. During the past five years, some of the biggest advancements in sorting technology can be found with optical sorting systems that use light to . We provide the most highly advanced sorting technology today by using monochrome cameras, color cameras, laser scanning, etc. Functional principle of the optical sorting system .