With our microsieve membrane technology we develop and manufacture high-flux membranes with uniform precision pores ( to µm). Microsieves are microfiltration membranes with well-defined pores with, depending on the application, pore sizes in the range of 0. Products of micro-sieve Our micro-sieves are.

Ten 47mm Circles (not sterile). Precision Technology for Absolute Filtration. The present product consists of an active filter . Aquamarijn MicroSieve Membrane Filter, 1.

Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and . The number of pores, diameter . Modified Silicon nitride surfaces for food applications. In principle, microsieve membranes have high fluxes, due to their extremely low flow resistance and their uniform pore size. However, it was found experimentall. A microscopic sieveOrigin From micro- + sieve.

Spatulas, Forceps and Utensils:Sieves. Microsieve lab-chip device for rapid enumeration and fluorescence in situ hybridization of circulating tumor cells. Replaceable mesh inserts are easily removed for cleaning or changing by unscrewing the screen-holding sections.

Microfluidic devices with micro-sieve plate as the dispersion medium have been widely used for the mass production of emulsions. There are two microsieve streets, each with its . Laser drilles microsieves as an alternative to etching processes and electroplating. Metalic microsieves with defined exit geometries are nowadays produced by . Fabrication and characterization of microsieve electrode array (µSEA) enabling cell positioning on 3D electrodes.