Genomföringstätningen Link-Seal är uppbyggd av länkar, som består av en rostfri syrafast bult med mutter, två tryckplattor samt ett gummisegment. An easy way to calculate your desired LINK-SEAL-Product.

Wallsleeve, Integra pipe, Fibre cement . Use Link-Seal modular seals in combination with Century-Line sleeves, Cell-Cast disks or WS steel sleeves for the perfect pipe seal. Order Today and get your fittings with Huge Price Savings Today. To order Link-Seal modular seals: under the appropriate wall opening column,.

C, S-31 L, LS-31 LS-S6 O, OS-31 T or . Link-Seal Modular Seals are the premier method for permanently sealing pipes of any size passing through walls, floors and ceilings. Sleeve Methods: Select either the plastic or metal sleeve. Both types of sleeves are designed to be. From ductile iron to pre-stressed concrete to metal or plastic pipe, conduit or . Center the pipe, cable or conduit in wall opening or casing. Make sure the pipe will be adequately supported on both ends.

Sizing Charts for Standard Pipe. We are proud to offer Link-Seal modular seals as well as the corresponding Century-Line Sleeves and Cell-Cast Disks.

This line of specially designed products . Power Plant is the sole Canadian distributor of Link-Seal! Cut-away of completed Link-Seal and sleeve installation. For concrete wall or floor penetration we offer fabricated steel wall sleeves.

Link-Seal wall pass – Corrosion resistant flexible implementation for plastic pipe. Temperature resistance: -° C to +80° C. From Modular Mechanical Seals to casing spacers. Link-Seal tåler van er elektisk isolerende og resistent overfor kemikalier og syrer.