Linak la36

Designed to operate in extreme conditions. ACTUATOR LAController pdf manual download. The LAis designed for use in harsh conditions.

Linak Automobile Parts User Manual. Specifications, – Compact design – Only mains cable required for operation – Robust aluminium housing – Protection class: IP69K – Very powerful spindle with . Suitable for electric gates or an electric hatch lift. Comes with spare motor and control cables.

LAis ideal for use in harsh conditions and is based on the philosophy that it must be able to operate under extreme conditions. Both products maintain the advantages of fast and easy installation, accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and advanced control of critical machine operations that . The actuator is ideal for mobile . O atuador linear LAtambém está disponível com MODBUS incorporado, desenvolvido especialmente para sistemas do seguimento solar. Der elektrische Linearantrieb LAist ideal für den Einsatz unter rauen Bedingungen.

Der LAist auch mit eingebautem MODBUS erhältlich. With solid metal construction it is able to . LINAK dealer for further details. Möjligheten till stora klimatvinster är nu ett faktum då det tyska företaget LORENTZ har utökat ytan för solpanelerna med mer än en fjärdedel.

It is our most solid actuator based on the philosophy that it must be able to operate under extreme conditions. Le vérin linéaire électrique LAest idéal pour une utilisation en conditions difficiles. Le LAest également disponible avec une carte de communication . LATechline linear actuators feature high-strength plastic housings, . El actuador eléctrico lineal LAes ideal para uso en condiciones extremas.

El LAesta también disponible con MODBUS incorporado.

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