Laser marker

In most cases the typical physical effect of the laser marker induces a color change within the material so there is no surface modification by corrugations or burrs . ROFIN offers an unparalleled laser product portfolio, comprising 10nm, 5nm and 3nm wavelength laser markers as well as various technologies and . Telesis the Industry Leader in Industrial Laser Marking System Technology. There is one company known not just for innovation and leadership in industrial . High-quality laser marking with Laser Marking Systems and Laser Markers from Panasonic. Laser Marking Technologies is the world’s premier supplier and most cost effective US manufacturer of fiber laser marking systems. A complete range of products and solutions based on FIBER LASER , SOLID STATE and COtechnology.

TRUMPF marking lasers are available in many different power classes and with all standard wavelengths, which means that you can find the right laser for any . Fiber laser marking is widely recognized as one of the most effective marking technologies, and offers a multitude of solutions for any industry.