Krikpunt peugeot 206

This video shows where the jack is located in a . The problem is that the jacking points are quite . An easy way to fix the vehicle into position is by placing spacers under the jacking points and then compress the suspension by loading the car with weights.

En tevens gaat het over een 20 niet de 307. Gebruikte hiervoor ook steeds de krik en moersleutel van Peugeot . Back-to-chapters-list Optimized_206_glx_1. ALWAYS support the trolley jack with axle stands placed at the specified jacking points.

Manual Beschrijving In dit boekje worden alle mogelijke uitrustingen beschreven, land waarvoor . Peugeot 2CC – Handleiding (in Dutch) (1pages). Hi-Lift jacking points included. All four jacking points and inner sills corroding.

This is to stop any worker being . Dit krikpunt is veel verder weg dan mijn krikje gaat. Krik onder krikpunt (uitsteeksel zetten). Automobile PEUGEOT 2Handbook. The rear is fine to take the load at the jacking points, because it weighs .

Long reach chassis design for easier access to deep set jacking points. Also, if you use the jacking points then where do you put the axle stands? GTI 1(03) torsion bar adjustment. Take the measurements from the jacking points on the undersill.

Find local used jacking points in cars in the UK and Ireland. Most modern cars have reinforced jacking points located right behind the front wheel wells for this purpose. With the vehicle raise the lug nuts can be removed .