Koala carts

Power your koala bear by counting as quickly as you can. Count the number of dots shown in the box. The standard which should be achieved to play this game is to understand the relationship between quantities and numbers.

The content of the game is to do . This marvellous task, based on the work of Zoltan Dienes, provides concrete, visual experience with sorting and . In this funny time-based Counting game, you are supposed to help your Koala bear race against other opponent. Today me and Wolf are playing the best game ever created.

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Koala Karts reviews, iPad Quality Index, All reviews of Koala Karts for iPad. Enviar por correo electrónicoEscribe un blogCompartir . You and your Koala are joining in the amazing race.

Musichea Daydreamer, Traveler, Lazy-Adventurer, Theatre Buff, Foodie, Amateur Gardener. Koala Karts: To play Koala Karts, you need to count the dots and choose the correct number. Make your Koala Kart go faster by working as fast as you can.

The race is one, use your multiplication skills to win. Learn Your Tables Practice your times table skills.