Interroll 113i

Power-packed drive for small conveyors with high-duty cycles. This instruction manual contains important notes and information about the various operating phases of the drum . BR = Electromagnetic brake (option).

Drum motor 113s is interchangeable with the 80s and with the shaft cap versions of the 80i and 113i. Overview of standard Drum Motors: 80i – 113i – 138i – 165i – 217i 80i 113i 138i 165i 217i Diameter 81. Interroll 113i Drum Motor, 150W, 4P, 1. Drum Motors for All Applications 80S 80i 113S 113i 138i 165i 216i 217i 315i.

This manual contains important advice, notices, and information . Standaardtrommelmotoren voor alle toepassingen. Mototambores estándar asíncronos. Potente accionamiento para transportadores pequeños con frecuencia. INTERROLL DRUM MOTOR Manufacturer : INTERROLLtype: . Модель: 80i, 113i, 138i, 165i, 216i, 217i, 315i. Treten Sie in direkte Verbindung mit dem Hersteller um ein . S, 80i, 113S, 113i, 138i, 165i, 217i.

Other angle of mounting:______.

Salt-water-resistant aluminium bearing . Прямые поставки без посредников. Gear material, Steel, Steel, Steel. Find great deals on for interroll.

Асинхронный мотор-барабан 113i (Drum Motor 113i). Данный мотор-барабан разработан для условий, .

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