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What is the difference between flexlink and LACP ? Fler resultat från supportforums.

Cisco has this nice little feature called FlexLink. Mutually exclusive VLANs are load sharing the traffic between the Flex link pairs. If one of the ports fails, the other active link forwards all the traffic.

Here you can find some configuration examples for the Cisco Flexlink.

Flexlink can be configured to load sharing of vlan traffics, in other words if. Nice article by Tobias Brunner about Cisco Flexlink configuration and how to interconnect. Defined tags for this entry: brocade, cisco, flexlink.

MAC Address-Table Move Update, page 22-6. Instant failover means faster conver. Posts about flex link written by aruncia18. Cisco documentation to learn more about this feature if you so desire:.

Top – Cisco – Catalyst FlexLink. FlexLinkはSTPの代替手段として利用されることもあり、FlexLinkが有効なポートではSTPは無効 .

On S (and N, not sure about others) you can force one or more ports to form an aggregation without running Link Aggregation Control Protocol. Flex Linkは、簡単に言うとルータのBackup Interfaceに良く似ています。. Cisco Systems commissioned Network Test to assess its new Cisco Catalyst. From Cisco docs, and also several web references.

I read and understand the folowing : For FlexLink , to faster the convergence . Cisco Switch上完成L2線路備援,工程師會立刻想到使用STP或是EtherChannel,但這兩種方式都有一些小缺點,you know,STP會 . An alternative to Spanning Tree for redundant Lconnections. FLEX-Link Technical Specifications. Provides link level redundancy .

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