Dexion speedlock

Monteringen börjar med nedersta tvärstaget. Höjd från golv enligt skiss nedan. In our line of trade, quality standards are important.

Vi har ett stort sortiment av nya och begagnade pallställ och ställage för de flesta lagerbehov. Which is why now, is the time for Speedlock. Get replacement parts and Mksupplies from Bristol Storage.

Others sizes available, please call for details.

Note: A FLT may be required for . Dexion MKBeams available from Stock. Speedlock shelving is made from the same beams and uprights we use for our pallet racking, so it is the ultimate in heavy duty shelving for bulkier and heavier it. Beschreibung Die häufigste Art der Palettenlagerung. Ohne einschränkendes Ordnungssystem, mit freiem Zugang zu. Delivery to mainland UK, stock available, buy today!

Speedlock PPallet Racking is the versatile solution for static and dynamic pallet storage, giving adjustable pallet racking solutions. Splice kits are used to extend two pices of upright together. Whilst the utmost care is taken to .

SPEEDLOCK Pdostosowany do indywidualnych potrzeb. KS Hilo – Premier Racking: KS Hilo . A racking system consists of uprights or legs bolted to footplates. Schwerlastpalettenre​gal, DEXION Speedlock Super Feldlast max. All in excellent condition, beam clips includedƒ Fully .