Cryogenic valves

It generally is accepted in the oil and gas industry that the cryogenic temperature range starts at -238° F (-150° C). In addition to this temperature range, certain . Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, and Butterfly.

Cryogenic Actuated Stainless Steel Ball Valve. As the CVI and ACME cryogenic globe valves manufacturer, our product management, engineering and quality departments work closely together to provide . CRYOGENIC VALVES- GATE TYPE- BOLTED BONNET-.

Design construction: API 602- ASME B16. Superior performance through cooling and heating cycles. We offer stainless steel and cast carbon steel gate, globe, . Shop cryogenic valves at unbelievable pricing from the valve experts at ValveMan. Almost all orders Ship the Same Day.

History tends to repeat itself when it comes to the selection of cryogenic valves in LNG applications, which can result in outdated choices and . Our cryogenic valves are specially adapted for low temperatures and are perfect from preventing icing. Ladish Valves offers cryogenic custom engineered valves. Neway currently can produce cryogenic valves for working temperature down to -196℃ which are widely used in LNG、LPG、air separation and other low .

The LTC low temperature cut-off regulator is specifically designed for use between the cryogenic . Our goal is to be your preferred supplier on these components! ROFORGE manufacture forged and cast industrial valves. As the exclusive North America distributor of Herose . Our experience is your advantage – concerning custom-made special valves and.

Besides our range of cryogenic valves, STÖHR ARMATUREN also offers the . We provide incredible durability with by far, the lowest life-cycle costs for industrial . Technical requirements for cryogenic valves. A variety of connections are available, including “weld in place” . In concert with our cryogenic valve fabrication capabilities are facilities for cryogenic testing of valves in liquid nitrogen at –324oF. A wide range of sizes and different types are available: Vacuum jacketed – non-vacuum jacketed Manual operated – Pneumatic operated Pressure and safety .

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