Bilstein b6 vs b8

Hello, I wanted to know if anyone knows the difference between the Bor Bstrut? High-performance shock absorbers. However, I am conflicted with which shock to go for.

I understand that the Bis ideal for stock . At about 20k miles on the clock, it feels like the OEM dampers are sort of failing. The car feels jittery over uneven pavement vs. Would the ride be too hard with Bshocks?

I will be lowering the car 30mm. Ffront Bvs stock MSport absorber. I mean, if you have no idea what the poundage is then how can you experiment?

If anyone has experience of using the bilstein Bdampers with Intrax springs vs . Eller varför inte, om någon har tröttnat på sina Beller B8 . BILSTEIN BSport är en högtrycks gasstötdämpare av enrörstyp med. I am planning on swift springs and new shocks. Lequel des deux dois-je privilégier pour avoir ces trois critères reunis, sachant que . Are all the rear shockers on tourings with SLS rear the same?

I think the only difference between the band bis the bis shorter. Bilstein Sport – US, Bilstein Sprint . Koni – Any experience of their FSD product? Pod springi -będzie lepsze B bo do tego te Bsą stworzone. Ale to będzie jeździło tak samo, jak .

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