Alclad chrome

Chroming Tutorial (for alclad) visit their website, or find it on. But, I need to do some more tests and do some side by side comparisons of raw alclad chrome, clear coate and overcoated chrome, to see . FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

Chrome Spray Test – “Killer Chrome” by Alsa vs. Alclad 1RAF High Speed Silver 1oz. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £or more.

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Ammo CHROME FOR PLASTIC ALC107. Subject, Gloss Black Base, Product Number,. Pros, Makes Chrome and any other highly reflective finish . Bottle Chrome Lacquer for Plastic.

Sorry, this item is out of stock. This paint actually looks like real chrome. Failure to back the chrome will result in rub through marks and . GLOSS BLACK BASE PRIMER ALC305.


Other products to consider: (19). ALD1— Lacquer 1oz Chrome for Lexan Vendor:. ALD2— Holomatic Special Chrome 1oz. For Chrome use gloss black ENAMEL. Grey or white auto primer is fine, or Aeromaster, Floquil acrylic or Tamiya spray primer.

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